What does it look like to be…
April 30, 2023

What does it look like to be…

Passage: Psalms 23
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Psalm 23.
You know it. At least a bit of it.
You've probably heard it on tv during a funeral service scene, read as a voice over by the minister.

It was written at a time when shepherds and their sheep were a common, everyday sight.
But, I am going to guess you don't see too many shepherds with their sheep these days.
I am also going to guess you don't know what it is like to be a shepherd.

How do you know God cares for you or shepherds you?
What does the shepherd do?
What does the shepherd ask you to do?

We often reflect on how it feels to be shepherded.
But, this Sunday, we are looking shepherding from three distinct perspectives:
the one being shepherded,
the one doing the shepherding,
and the communal shepherding response.

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