Will You Give Me A Drink?
March 12, 2023

Will You Give Me A Drink?

Passage: Exodus 17:1-7
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We are continuing our spiritual practice of seeking this 3rd Sunday of Lent.
This week we ask  "Will you give me a drink?"

We also celebrate affirming PIE (Public Explicit and Intentional) Sunday.
What need of yours is expressed when you ask for a drink of water?
What can God offer you, so you know God cares for you?
How do you, in return, offer it to those who are thirsty for these things?
This Sunday we seek out answers for those questions.

Take a moment to look at this image,  it represents  the well known story of Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well [read it here].

Jesus needs water. She needs living water.
Jesus needs her to be a witness. She invites others to know Jesus.

- They are at eye level with each other.
- Where their arms overlap becomes a vibrant blue, creating a water drop with a dove in it, representing the living water that springs forth from their mutual need and relationship.

How can we receive living water and point out the living water to others?

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