Conversation as Prayer
October 30, 2022

Conversation as Prayer

Passage: John 15:9-17
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What is prayer?
What helps in building community?

For me, one possible answer for both these questions is conversation.

Prayer is a conversation with God.
Community is built with  the help of conversation between people.

Often we sit side by side and week after week in church; in a classroom; at work  and we don't  truly get to know one another. We are desperately in need of spaces for connection and conversation while recognizing we need our individual space as well.

When we take the time to engage in conversation - not give a monologue - but listen sometimes- speak other times-we are doing what Jesus did.

Jesus did not just preach. His ministry involved listening, asking questions and encouraging others. and had meals with them

This Sunday, we are going to do the same. People will gather, hear scripture read, engage in intentional and guided conversation with their neighbours.  We close with prayer and Holy Communion.