But So That You May Know
July 10, 2022

But So That You May Know

Passage: Matthew 9:10-17
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Most of you probably have a smart phone with photos in it. Snapshots of your favourite things and people. You might have selfies. Snapshots of when you think you look amazing, or one that reflects where you might be at emotionally right now.
Snapshots of grace - no, not photos, but  witness accounts- can be seen given in Jesus who gives it to those who offers God's love to those who some would say are unworthy. But Jesus photobombs these moments with grace.
Grace is a selfie of God.
Grace is  gift from God.
God's  grace is a gift to me and you .
This gift is amazing and disturbing.
When we receive it, amazing, when it is asked of us
Come listen to these snapshots this Sunday.