Sermons & Series – Trinity Sunday


In the coming of the Holy Spirit, there is a rush of wind and the disciples receive new tongues, which are set aflame by the work of Christ. What might this mean? How do we respond?

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday
Here is the text: Acts 2:1–21

Did you read it? The text above mentions everyone hearing their own language. That must have been such an amazing expereince. I'll tell you more about why it was so amazing on Sunday.

To help us experience what it must have felt like we are inviting people to say the Lord's Prayer in different languages. We have French, German, and Italian versions so far!


Trinity Sunday

Text: John 3:1-17

Last week was Pentecost Sunday. We recognized the Holy Spirit entering into the disciples. This week we see that God is Father/Mother, Jesus and Holy Spirit. 3 in 1. Together these three are known as the Holy Trinity. The Trinity is the perfect example of love, and the Trinity points to the communal relationship we are meant to have with God and with each other.

There is a word for that tries to capture what the Holy Trinity is about. That word is perichoresis.  Peri, which means “around,” and chorein, which means “to give way” or “to make room.” It is often thought of circle with people dancing around and making room for the other. We look at that dance as a celebration with a feast that is held in the Father's/God's house.  A dancing that encourages ones identity that is but is interwoven with God and all of God's aspects.

For your reflection:

  1. Where do you see that dance in this passage?
  2.  Write down some ways you can join in the intimate and communal dance of the Trinity.