About Us – OLD

Welcome to our student & young adults community! We believe that faith is a journey and isn’t meant to be done alone.

Join us as we ask good questions, eat and laugh together, share & lament,

serveand engage in meaningful conversations with one another.


Excited to engage the University campus in new and meaningful ways,

Ben & Sarah began facilitating the Student & Young Adult group at UCC just over a year ago.

They were previously on staff at The Embassy from 1999 – 2007, a campus church at the University of Waterloo.

“Seeing as many people either abandon their faith once they immerse themselves in University culture

or don’t even want to step foot into a church, we are passionate about inviting students to have meaningful

conversations about what it means to be human, to be spiritual, to live for something other than themselves

and enter into the story of God at work in the world. We would love for you to come along for the journey!” 

Here what some of our students & young adults are saying:

“This is the first year where I’ve felt like I had a church family in Windsor, away from home.

It has been an adventure over my years in University to establish my own understanding of being a Christian apart

from my parents’ involvement, but this year has been the most productive in building my faith and understanding.”

“The incredible sense of community during love feast was excellent.

Everybody knew each other, but it didn’t feel like an “old boys’ club”.

Frankly, I felt like it was something I could be a part of.”

“The student ministry to me has been an extra family.

Even though I didn’t talk to absolutely everyone or attend every social or book discussion,

I felt that if i needed prayer or wanted a chat, I wouldn’t have had trouble asking for help.”

” I have grown by being encouraged to seek the Lord more often and in many places. 

I feel more motivated to learn and to develop my faith.”

“The stand outs for me this year would have been the winter retreat!

It was awesome and it was great to get to know people better. I have great memories of the retreat

and I look forward to more similar experiences in the years to come!”

“UCC is a place where you can go and be among friends, be noticed,

but also be able to hide amongst them and not say anything and have people be okay with it,

with the occasional push to come out of your shell.”

“Now I’ve been more introduced to the words and stories that go along with the almost blind faith I always had.

And at UCC I was always accepted regardless of my biblical knowledge

 – or lack of – so it was a great place to grow.”

“I feel like, here, I have something to offer. This is place that has given so much to me,

and I don’t have to feel burdened by it because I can give back.”