“Christians are co-participants with people around them in an on-going conversation about what it means to be human.” – Grenz

During the week we gather as a group to explore what it means to follow Jesus.

We turn our thoughts towards God and one another as we ask questions,

engage in meaningful dialogue and encourage one another.

“I liked regularly seeing everyone and exploring faith as a group.

I liked constantly learning about faith, and understanding that my path

and relationship with God  it isn’t like everyone else’s and it doesn’t have to be.”

Most weeks we’ll gather at 7:00 pm at UCC

“It has given me a place for joyful fellowship, for meaningful contemplation,

and an ever-present bridge between both places.”

Once in a while our Wednesday nights will be a LOVE FEAST. This is a night of celebration!

We get together to share stories, eat good food, play games & music,

celebrate birthdays and enjoy each other’s company.

It will be a full on potluck, so please bring something to share for a late dinner.


“Love Feasts were just amazing, spending time cherishing one another

and celebrating birthdays really made each individual feel special and appreciated.”

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