Past Series

ADVENT – What Can’t Wait

Advent is a season of waiting, but is idle waiting what God wants of us?
In preparation for the coming Messiah, we wonder together—what things can’t wait? What demands our immediate attention? What requires our work and preparation? What is it that God can’t wait for? Is it our praise, reconciliation, and proclamation?
Is it the end of suffering, isolation, and fear?
This Advent, we invite you to join us in imagining, prioritizing, and preparing.
As we wait, what can’t?

In the quiet whisper the presence of God came to Elijah.
When the storm raged Jesus called it back to stillness.
The psalmist hears the weighted direction to calm.
How can we be at rest in a world that needs change?
What is our role, where is our voice,
what do we do when winds, and trees,
and the great Divine voice sighs in our ears:
peace, be still.

Sunday, August 11th – The spiritual practice of doing justice

Sunday, August 18th – The spiritual practice of rest

Sunday, August 25th – The spiritual practice of loving the Bible again

Sunday, September 1st – The spiritual practice of feasting

Our Lenten Series:

For Lent we explored the story of the prodigal son. Have you read this story before? Maybe you will read it again for the first time? Perhaps there is an invitation yet to be found somewhere in the leaving and wandering, the breaking and turning, the embracing and feasting. We hope you will join us!

Our February Series:

Our Advent series was For Those in Darkness…

Advent calls us into darkness as we wait for Christmas when light breaks forth into the world. For our Advent Series, ‘For Those in Darkness’ we explored how darkness might be a gift and how, even when we cannot see, God is with us. During Advent we wait together, hoping and expecting that the light will come to dispel the shadows and illuminate our path.

We want to say a special thank-you to Lauren Pittman of Lewp Studios for allowing us to use her piece, ‘For Those in Darkness’ throughout our Advent series. We spent significant time reflecting on her piece and it became a source of inspiration as we explored the themes of light and darkness. We also had a few people from our community share personal stories on Sunday mornings and had our song-writing group share a song they wrote based on Psalm 42.

Our Fall series was Won’t You Be My Neighbour, where we explored what it means to be a neighbour.