Family Hubs is new to UCC this year.  We meet on Thursday nights at various locations including the church building, community organizations and homes.

For more information about Family Hubs please email:

Here is an outline of the months activities:


The first Thursday of the month we gather for a potluck meal.  Sometimes we have a theme (game night, or trivia anyone?) but the best part is spending time eating together and connecting through conversation.  This gathering is open to anyone and everyone who would like to attend, whether or not you are a part of UCC or other Family Hubs activities you are welcome to join us.  It’s an all ages evening, bring a family member or friend – everyone’s invited!


The second Thursday of the month is focused on spiritually immersive activities and conversations. Sometimes it will be discussion oriented, sometimes it will involve self or group reflection, it may be a further look into something happening on the church calendar. It could be as light-hearted as trivia or as solemn as contemplative prayer.


The third Thursday of the month we focus on community connections, primarily within the River West/University neighbourhood. The location will vary but the purpose will stay the same, to create space to both serve and be served, enrich and be enriched by the world around us.  Whether attending a community hosted event or assisting and aiding alongside a community group, our hope is to learn how God’s unfolding work in a neighbourhood is bigger than any singular church body.


The fourth Thursday of the month we get to know other members of the Family Hub in smaller groups.  Dinners with different host families located throughout the city will take place.