Get Involved

We believe that God has given every one of us a unique set of gifts and talents that we are called to use. In fact, we believe that our greatest joy in life comes from serving and helping others and working towards greater love and justice in our world.

There are many opportunities to share your gifts within UCC’s Sunday morning ministry by greeting and welcoming, playing or singing with the Music Team, running the media presentation during worship, collecting and counting the offering, caring for children in the nursery, teaching or helping in the Sunday School and making refreshments for after the service.

As well as ongoing weekly ministries, UCC has yearly events such as the Spring Community Clean-up, Student Yard Sale & BBQ and Fall Community Breakfast.  Whether volunteering at an event, helping to stock the food cupboard or lending a hand with the outdoor yard work there are many ways to help.

We are always looking for new ways to serve, especially in our neighbourhood and community.  If you have ideas or gifts you would like to share and you are interested in being involved here at UCC we invite you to speak with Pastor Scott, Ben Kivell or a member of the Leadership Team to discuss where your gifts might best fit.

As always, please feel encouraged to contact us!