2019 Annual Report

Table Of Contents

Message from the Interim-Moderator

January 29, 2020

To University Community Church, 

Arguably the major event of 2019 was the resignation of Rev. Scott McAllister as the “Minister of Word and Sacrament” at UCC. This was solely Scott’s decision and obviously made after much personal reflection and prayer. Although Presbytery formally received – with sadness – his letter of resignation (dated 31st May) at its June 18th meeting, his departure date – as agreed by both Presbytery and UCC’s Leadership Team – was October 31st. In those summer months, UCC was able to absorb this news, begin to grieve the loss, and to celebrate the contributions of Scott and Erin in the life of UCC over the last 5½ years. Naturally, we all pray for God’s continued blessing and peace on Scott, Erin, and family as they discern their next steps. In light of this resignation, Presbytery appointed me as UCC’s Interim-moderator-designate on September 1st, so overlapping with Scott until October 31st, when I officially became Interim-moderator. This is my role until UCC calls a new minister. Some of you will already know me, as (amongst other things) I was on UCC’s Leadership Team for a decade (2003–2013).

UCC is special! It is an atypical Presbyterian Church – by design. Presbytery is fully aware of UCC’s unique history and has been supportive of it from its inception in 2001. (This was also demonstrated practically by its financial support at the birth of the Green Bean and of former personnel.) Nevertheless, as with all Presbyterian churches, UCC is part of a local network (“Presbytery of Essex-Kent”) and a national denomination, and there is a standard process that comes into play at these times of transition. This is not meant to be a confining straightjacket to UCC’s creativity and desires, but to help bring order in times of potential uncertainty and confusion. At least that is how I see it! Presbytery appointed me as UCC’s interim-moderator precisely because I do appreciate UCC’s culture and history. We all want to see a new minister as soon as reasonably possible, and one who has all the qualities that UCC seeks and needs. This is both a daunting time and an exciting opportunity! So please continue to pray for the staff, Leadership Team, and the newly-formed Search Team at this critical time of change. Pray for wisdom and discernment. And that even now God will be preparing the heart and mind of UCC’s future minister for UCC and its vision, and also preparing UCC for its new minister!

As we look back over the last year with gratitude to God for his faithfulness, it is also an opportunity to thank UCC’s staff members, Sarah Kivell and Charity Livingston, for their diligence, creativity, and all-around hard work – and to the many volunteers that keep UCC running. This is not just the members of the formal groups, like the Leadership Team and those who lead Sunday School and other activities, but to the vital contributions of the music group, those who provide weekly refreshments on Sundays and help clean-up, those who greet, cut grass, clear the snow, do ProPresenter, etc. A special mention is due to those quietly undertake the vital work behind the scenes and other unsung heroes of church ministry. Such small acts make big differences in the lives of others, and I appreciate that many of you also have other networks of service to the wider community. Thank you one and all! 


Tim Reddish

Staff and Leadership Team


Interim-ModeratorRev. Tim Reddish
Interim Speaker and CoordinatorCharity Livingston
Music Director and CoordinatorSarah Kivell 
Volunteer Treasurer    Karen Locke
CustodianRichard Mwanga

Leadership Team

Marg Bederaux-Cayne
Alison Brown
Ben Davidson
Kamla Jaggernauth
Don Radford
Caroline Schleier Cutler

Proposed Agenda

  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Nomination of a Recording Secretary
  3. Approval of the Agenda
  4. Approval of March 3, 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes
  5. Approval of 2019 Financials
  6. Approval of 2020 Budget
  7. Trustee Report
  8. Ministry Reports
  9. Search Team Update (Verbal)
  10. Other Business
  11. Adjournment
  12. Closing Prayer

March 3, 2019 Congregational Meeting Minutes



MARCH 3, 2019


  1. Meeting called to order 12:48 p.m.
  2. Mary Curtis for secretary –  Caroline, Alison – carried
  3. Approval of agenda – Ben D, Becky – carried
  4. Approval of minutes of 2 congregational meetings – Ben D, Becky – carried


  • LEADERSHIP TEAM – Identified:  Caroline Schleier Cutler, Don Radford, Alison Brown, Kamla Jaggernauth, Ben Davidson, (Marg Bederaux-Cayne not present) 
  • Efforts will be made to make them more visible 


    • Outlined the schedule/activities in the past year.  In January, introduced a video series.  An evaluation to assess the future model will be made. 
    • Growth in this ministry is hindered by the size and constraints of the nursery.
    • Evaluation will need to be made to determine what can be done to overcome this challenge. (Note, format changes would necessitate more involvement from others) 


    • The study has been good, with great discussions, people have found it very relevant, eye opening.  


    • In January 2018,  Sarah officially took over the lead role for music leader (Ben K. no longer co-leading).  
    • Scott expressed that in addition to music, Sarah brings other gifts to this role in the area of creativity which the church has benefited from 
    • Tablets were purchased this year and greatly appreciated
    • Song writing workshop in the fall was a meaningful experience
    • Music stands – thank you to Don and Dave
    • Introduced in the summer to create momentum and give people an opportunity to get to know one another.
    • Leadership Team decided to keep going in the fall based on the positive experience.  
    • Leadership Team would like feedback from the church and will be assessing how the groups will be incorporated in the future.
    • Have attempted to add creativity: introduce themes, using art, music, collaboration, open discussion so that we can have more voices.  
    • Q – How can we do more, allow freedom for the Team to do more? 
    • A – Leaders are currently working on evaluating their individual gifts, roles and        to create a structure/framework so those things can grow.  Scott explained that the Leadership Team and a few others are involved in this process. 


    • Erin did not report but opened it up for questions. 
    • Q – Why are we no longer doing children’s story time? 
    • A – The theme for the sermons do not normally tie into what is happening downstairs with the children.  They do look for ways for the children to participate and use their gifts/abilities.


    • Normally 5-7 in attendance
    • Meet to encourage each other, have discussions
    • Discussion regarding how we are currently connecting with the students, the history of this ministry,  and what could be done to grow.  
    • The numbers were down in 2018 as opposed to 2017.
    • More relationship and free time was made available but this may not have been the feeling of the whole congregation. 
    • Rethinking the time of year for 2019, perhaps the fall and return to a specific focus.


    • Need to make this more public, invite more feedback into this process, where we are to participate, how we can be more generous and with whom.
    • Karen clarified that there was a correction to the list of organizations.  They are:
      • May – ACWAM
      • June – Unemployed Health Centre
      • July/August – Windsor Youth Centre
    • It was suggested more communication when funds are dispersed and how we can be more involved.


    • Brian explained this ministry
    • Guidelines were set last year but no one was elected to oversee it
    • Motion to nominate Brian, Pat, Stephanie and Tracy as members of the Funds of Grace Team -Ben K., Karen – carried


    • Approval of University Community Church Trust Fund Guidelines
      • Alison, James – Carried
    • Approval of St. Andrew’s Trust Guidelines
      • Alison, Ben – Carried


    • Karen, James
    • Discussion:  Hot water tank replacement
    • Carried
    • Karen, Alison
    • Discussion:   
      • Leadership Team Training (Conferences)
        • Caroline moves assignment of $1500.00 for training, Dave
    • Insurance – Budget is $4,500 but bill received of $7,456.00
    • Karen moves to accept the proposed budget with amendments, 
    • Ben K. — Carried


  • Other Business – no discussion
  • Don moves to adjourn meeting, Alison – Carried

Leadership Team Report

It’s hard to say much about the past year without beginning with the obvious; this year, the work of the Session was dominated by the resignation of Pastor Scott. In addition to being the Pastor of UCC, Scott served as the moderator. This means we have big shoes to fill! We were (and are) saddened to see Scott go and we pray for him and his family as they move into the next chapter of their lives.

In the months since Scott’s resignation we have been working to  try to create an outline for UCC’s next chapter. Working with Lorne Curtis, we have been working to better articulate the things that are at the heart of UCC. These are things we that we hope that anyone who spends much time around UCC “feels” that we are about but that we have sometimes struggled to put into words. This, like all things, is a work in progress, but we are excited with the progress and anticipate the clarity that will come from a deeper understanding of who we are as a community. 

Going forward, we will be working with the Search Committee to assist them in anyway we can to prepare for the next chapter in UCC’s history.

Another of the roles of the LT is to track with denominational issues and try to make sure that the diverse voices that we value at UCC are well represented in our larger community. One such issue of great interest to UCC is the 2019 General Assembly decision regarding human sexuality. At this GA, two remits (items for consideration) were proposed. We make no claims that the proposal is a perfect one, but we do believe that it is a step forward for all of us in our embrace of our LGBTQI family. We appreciate the contributions that members of this leadership team and congregation have made at presbytery meetings over the last several months to advocate for this important proposal. 

In February, our area (Essex-Kent) presbytery voted on the two remits. Remit B would allow for congregations and sessions to understand marriage as between two people rather than only between a man and woman. Remit C would allow congregations to call or ordain LGBTQI persons (whether they’re married or single). Both of these remits passed in our presbytery. As well, the majority of presbyteries in the Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC) passed each of the remits. This means that they will presented to the General Assembly in June for a vote. This year, Caroline Schleier Cutler will be one of the four area presbytery reps attending the General Assembly.

Looking ahead, we’re excited for what 2020 has in store for UCC. We face significant challenges but we believe that UCC has an important role to play in our community and that the UCC family will rise up in love and grace as we face these challenges together.

Ministry Reports

Collaboration Teams

As an alternate to relying on primarily guest speakers to fill up the preaching calendar once Pastor Scott left, UCC initiated an approach that would aim to gather up the collective wisdom of the people in our congregation and bring forward ideas based off of a group consensus about where God was leading UCC in a particular season. It was thought that this would be too burdensome to happen every month, but that this process, off-set with other means of content creation/resources, would enable us as a church to have our eyes and ears open to what God has already given to us in the form of UCC’s people. Secondly, it would allow us to be pro-active and responsive to what God is doing at UCC, in a way which guest speakers would not have insight into. Although this process is new and will continue to be refined, its initial run in November in a series called ‘Be Still’ showed lots of promise and will be carried into the new year. 

Submitted by Charity Livingston

Discussion Groups

In February 2019 the Leadership Team asked Sarah to put together a survey to gather the congregations’ feedback in regards to their experience of UCC’s Sunday morning discussion groups, as well as their thoughts and opinions of the role discussion groups should have moving forward. The information collected in the survey was used to determine if we would continue discussion groups on Sunday mornings and what frequency and capacity discussion groups would be utilized. 

During Lent (March & April), we took a break from discussion groups and asked congregants to participate in the survey. Fifty-one people filled it out over the course of four weeks. The results of the survey were that 81% of participants thought that we should continue having discussion groups as usual (which was 3/4 Sundays at the time) or continue having them but less frequently. 

The leadership team discussed the results and agreed that discussion groups add value to our Sunday morning gatherings by facilitating a way for people to share stories and diverse ideas while also getting to know one another. It was decided that we would aim to have discussion groups on average two out of four Sundays.

In May, we shared the results of the survey and the decision of the leadership team with the congregation. Early June, a facilitators meeting was organized to articulate the purpose and value of discussion groups. Some new ideas were implemented based on those conversations when discussion groups started up again mid-June.

Currently, we have 10 discussion group facilitators. On a Sunday morning with discussion groups we average 6 round tables and 35 people participating. 

Submitted by Sarah Kivell

Funds of Grace Report

Funds of Grace is a benevolent fund established to help meet unexpected one-time needs of people who have no way to meet the crisis or need. Requests that meet the requirements are forwarded to the Funds of Grace group who review each request on a case by case basis. During 2019 the group spent a total of $1,812 to two requests which were granted money, and one request to pay for an item. As per the fund guidelines, the names and reasons are not made public. Funds being put into the fund exceeded the amount of money spent so the fund is financially secure.

Submitted by Funds of Grace Group

Mid-Week Programming

In January and February a mid-week video series on Pete Enns’ book The Bible Tells Me So was run for a course of 7 weeks. This series was in place of our Family Hubs program, which was too large a venture for Charity to maintain during a medically sensitive pregnancy. After returning from Maternity Leave at the end of August, it was decided that UCC was too short on staff hours to maintain a publicly open mid week program. 

Submitted by Charity Livingston

Music Ministry

We believe music has the ability to connect us to ourselves, one another and God. We carve out time every Sunday to sing songs together and share music because we believe it reaches places that words alone cannot go. It helps our minds descend into our hearts, creating space for reflection, connection and transformation. We desire that our music and singing will point to our human experience as we seek to journey with God through life.

In 2019, we intentionally tried to live out these desires and goals by:  

  • Selecting music/songs that reflect the experiences, backgrounds and demographics that make up our community.
  • Selecting music/songs that reflect the series and seasons our community finds itself in. I.e. Everything is Sacred, Glory, Let there be Peace, Be Still & Know
  • Choosing a mix of hymns, older and newer contemporary songs. 
  • Writing and playing original music which were an outflow of our local/communal journey.  I.e. Everywhere, Resurrect Me, Risen Christ.
  • Involving musicians with various skills/background. Involving kids! 
  • Inviting people to lead in certain capacities based on their gifts and abilities. 

We currently have ten people participating regularly in our music ministry. In Sarah’s absence, Kara Kootstra and Amber & Jon Minnett coordinate and lead music.

Submitted by Sarah Kivell


The fall and winter have been busy times for the Nursery volunteers. Our staff is wonderful and takes seriously the care of  children entrusted to us. The number of children varies from week to week from  3-6 children.

They enjoy lots of physical activity and are progressing in their ability to share and respect each other’s space. Reading, colouring , building, playing with anything with wheels and creating play dough sculptures, are favourite activities. 

Currently we would welcome  2-3 new volunteers, to enable us to be on duty once a month. 

The faithfulness and flexibility of the volunteers is much appreciated. 

Submitted by Pat Stevenett

Parents’ Group

During the 2019 Calendar year, UCC continued to run it’s Parent Group on bi-weekly Wednesday mornings, minus a break from April-August while Charity was on Maternity Leave. The group averaged about 4 parents in a morning, with typically between 4-6 children. The program included a snack, and shared conversation over parenting topics. At the end of the calendar year it was decided that though the program had some merit it was too much effort overall for the lack of staff resources available at this time. It is something which may return in the future.

Submitted by Charity Livingston

Preaching Calendar 

The preaching calendar has had something of a disjointed year. For January-April 2019, Scott, Sarah, and Charity worked together to develop content, of which Scott was the primary speaker. Mid April, Charity went off on Maternity Leave, and Scott and Sarah developed the late spring, and Sarah organized several guest speakers to cover the majority of the summer, speaking on various spiritual exercises. From September to December, Charity returned from Maternity Leave and was the primary speaker, with several approaches taken over the course of the fall. This included Charity and Sarah developing content together, using a couple guest speakers, beginning our Collaboration Teams, and using an Advent Resource.  

Submitted by Charity Livingston 

Students and Young Adults

At the beginning of September we had a flux of new students looking for a church while away from home. Because a new semester always provides an opportunity to create momentum, over the course of a few months, 10 – 12 students and young adults were participating on a regular basis. 

It has been meaningful to see new friendships form, good questions asked, and a passion to understand how faith & life intersect.

Some highlights include:

  • good conversations and connection at our weekly morning devotional (Seeking Aliveness by Brian McLaren) and Thursday night meetings (book discussion & Bible Study)
  • collecting over 500 non-perishable items by Trick-or-Treating for groceries
  • friendships and community being formed through formal and informal events and get-togethers, including monthly meals at either the Kivells or Davidsons
  • celebrations of birthdays and special occasions
  • Student-led initiative to buy small gifts for the kids of UCC

We’re looking forward to our retreat coming up March 20-22, 2020. Speaker and facilitator, Anita Buckwalter, spiritual director and former pastor, will be leading the group through spiritual discovery through art and spiritual practices. 

Submitted by Sarah Kivell 

Sunday Morning – Advent Series

Coming up with ideas for series, creating content, and engaging the congregation in a meaningful way can be a lot of work. One of the ways to alleviate this work was to find a resource that was already crafted for us. This Advent we tried a resource by Sanctified Art (a group of four artists in ministry) that proved to be a valuable source of inspiration and creativity. Included was a theme (What Can’t Wait?), a preaching guide, a devotional book, graphics for worship and social media, a family advent calendar, poetry, readings and art. Not only did purchasing this resource give us a wide range of resources, but more space and time to be creative within our own context.

Some highlights include:

  • our first art installation: the paper lace banners
  • a way for congregant to connect daily with the series with the daily devotional booklet and advent calendar
  • a more consistent social media presence during the series
  • the kids singing “Glory, Let there be Peace” with the music team

 Submitted by Sarah Kivell

Sunday Morning Ministries

It takes a lot of dedicated, loving volunteers to bring our Sunday gatherings to life. Currently, we have over 30 individuals serving in various ministries on Sunday mornings, (not including the Music Team and Sunday School!).

This fall we spent time articulating the various roles and responsibilities of those involved. These teams included: Welcome/greeting, Nursery, the Kitchen Krew, Snack, Pro presenter, Potluck and Counting. We wanted to make sure that individuals were empowered in their role(s) and that room was created for others to get involved.

Due to some personal matters, there were a handful of people who couldn’t continue their involvement on the Kitchen Krew. However, others stepped up to make sure everything was taken care of. We have also had a handful of new volunteers serving in various capacities.

Some highlights from the fall 2019:

  • Oversight and/or guidance for each ministry (Thanks to Stephanie, Brenda, Kamla, Cathy, Dave, Karen and Brian!)
  • Significant coordination for the Nursery/Preschoolers (Thanks Pat!)
  • Implementation of the dish washing station (Thanks Becky!)

Submitted by Sarah Kivell

Sunday School

One of the less immediately apparent ways that UCC was impacted by the resignation of Pastor Scott was the countless hours Erin McAllister had put into UCC’s Sunday School Program both through teaching, developing and encouraging volunteers, organizing the space and materials, as well as making a point to connect warmly with children on Sunday mornings. Erin coordinated and led the Sunday School from January till September, at which point she began handing it off to Charity. Together, Charity and Erin led a training session for Sunday School and Nursery workers in October. By November the transition to Charity had largely taken place, although Erin continued to occasionally teach and give aid at the end of the year.  It is apparent that we ended the year short on Sunday School Teachers, this is of particular concern as it also coincides with some growth in the number of children in our Sunday School program.

Submitted by Charity Livingston

10% Giving Report

Every month UCC shares 10% of the offering with another organization that is doing healing, reconciling, regenerative or practical work in the City of Windsor or in the world.  We aim to give a mixture of both local and worldwide initiatives.

In 2019, we gave:

JanuaryMatthew House$280
FebruaryStreet Help$600
MarchFeeding Windsor$350
AprilKristen Davies (items distributed on mission trip)$345
MayLaunch Pad Recovery Center$318
JuneGenerous   Space (retreat Scholarships)$240
July/AugHiatus House$590
September S.W. Ontario Gleaners$395
OctoberChaplaincy Network at U of W$260
NovemberACWAM (Haiti)$245
DecemberStreet Help$600


Other 2019 Highlights

  • Hosting The Rainbow Communion (who heard the stories of people who identify as LGBT, their families, and supporters who have experience hurt and/or grace in our congregations)
  • The Good Friday labyrinth and stations created and facilitated by members of our congregation
  • Chad Rollo’s reaffirmation of faith on Easter Sunday!
  • July’s round table discussion about UCC and our relationship with the  LGTBQ+ community
  • The Back to School BBQ in September 
  • The Farewell Fiesta for the McAllister Family
  • The kids sharing with us a song they wrote together in Sunday School
  • The annual food drive in October that brought in over 800 items for our food cupboard
  • The on-going debate: does pineapple actually belong on pizza?
  • The Sunday School bonfire where several families were able to connect and have fun
  • Hosting and supporting the Bake Sale Fundraiser that raised $772.95 for Matthew House

Living Out 2019

Although not technically a ministry of UCC, Living Out is a ministry closely connected to and dear to the heart of the UCC family. Living Out graciously agreed to share with the UCC family an update on their ministry in 2019.

Our Living Out Generous Space group has gone through some changes in the last couple years, both with leadership and members. Long time co-founder and past leader, Don Turpin stepped down and recently moved to London Ontario. We were fortunate to have Greg Trepanier  join our leadership team to fill the void left by Jenny Mac.

Our group meets once a month September through to June, alternating between Bill and my home, or the Applers’. The comfort of a home provides a warm and welcoming space for folks who often feel marginalized or uncomfortable in more formal or institutional settings. 

Every other month we indulge in a pot luck we call our “Family meal”, which allows us time getting to know each other better.   

The other months we are more structured to topics geared to the needs of our group. Last spring Bill Rollo and Linda Appler lead a two – part series on “Personal boundaries” and the importance of those boundaries in any community. We used some Brene Brown videos and other support materials.  

During the summer we take an informal break, host some BBQ/SWIM days for us once again to just have fun and deepen our relationships.  

This fall/winter Linda and Greg started a series on “Discover your Meaning”  based on Viktor Fankl’s book,  Man’s search for meaning.   This should take us to the summer.   

We’ve been blessed to have some of the UCC student group join us for the last few meetings.  

We continue to be amazed and humbled to see how God uses our little community, in often strange and unexpected ways. We are so blessed and thankful.  

We are thankful to UCC for being a church community that has become a safe harbor for our Living Out Group and continues to show their support and love to us.   

We are eager to see what God will do next! 

Submitted on behalf of the Living Out Leadership team, Linda and Paul Appler, Greg Trepanier.

Submitted by Chad Rollo

Trustee Report

The Trustees (A. Brown, A. Templer, C. Romiens) have two primary responsibilities at University Community Church. To oversee the two trust funds – the University Community Church Trust, which originated with the former Knox Presbyterian Church, and the St. Andrew’s Trust, which came as a part of the amalgamation with St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church – and to ensure that the congregation has adequate insurance to cover our building and work. . In 2019, insurance of $7,513 was paid. Unfortunately, we were not given the final cost for our 2020 insurance prior to the year end which will then be paid in 2020. 

The trustees met with the Leadership Team in late 2019 – regarding the givings of the church members/adherents – reporting on concerns of having to increase the amount of money taken from the trust funds and consequently, asking for long term direction/vision for the trust funds.   During the year 2019 there was a total amount withdrawn of just under $77,000 (which includes almost $18,000 in dividends).  The market has been very generous for us concerning our investments (earning almost $70,000) – but the amount that has been withdrawn to assist in the running of the church is most concerning to the Trustees. 

As of Dec, 2019 I am pleased to report that the amount of money that resides in the University Community Church Trust is $348,122.   The amount that resides in the St. Andrew’s Trust Fund (which is held in the consolidated portfolio at the Presbyterian Church in Canada) as of Dec, 2019 is $444, 244.  This is up from the previous year.  The regular dividends that have been paid to the church from this fund were $10,164. A one-time special dividend of $25,172 occurred due to an investment group change.  Please note that the capital of this fund is unavailable, only the earnings can be used.

Submitted by the University Community Church Trustees,

A. Brown

A. Templer

C. Romiens

2019 Review and Proposed 2020 Budget

 2019 Budget2019 Actual2020 BudgetComment

BalancedNotes re: 2019 expenses


Offerings, Envelopes$72,500$47,046$50,000Note: $10,000.00 donation made on Dec. 31
Offerings, Open$2,500$1,332$2,000
Offerings, Canada Helps Donations$0$884$2,000Offering total for 2019 is $49,262.00
Building Rentals$3,500$1,350$2,000
Green Bean Lease Payment$9,000$6,750$10,500
Trust Fund Dividend$16,000$17,899$18,000
St. A’s Trust Dividend$10,000$35,336$10,000Note: Approx. $25,000. rec’d, highly unusual dividend
Earned Interest – chequing acct$100$45$60
Misc Income$0$316$400Donations for study books for students
Green Bean util pmt$16,000$10,099$16,000Arr. with Green Bean whereby they repay 75% utilities.
Parking Lot Fees$1,800$2,510$2,500
HST Rebate from Previous Yr
$11,178$3,900Rebate from 2018, re: A/C purchase

Total Income$131,400$134,745$117,360

Trust Fund Withdrawal$74,500$58,968$65,500Used on an “as need” basis

TOTAL REVENUE$205,900$193,713$182,860
EXPENSE2019 Budget2019 Actual2020 BudgetComment

Bal. BudgetNotes re: 2019 expenses (expenses are recorded minus the HST )
Payroll Expenses

Stipend Minister$48,299$40,249$23,393vacant as of Oct 31 –2020 stipend based on 6 months 
Housing Allowance$19,768$16,472$9,600based on $1600 per month – 2020 housing for 6 months
Stipend Music Leader$16,558$21,962$33,768 2% raise – hrs extended as of Oct. 1/19
Small Group Leader$7,210$12,620$22,0772% raise – hrs extended as of Aug 15/19(mat.leave 3 mon.)
Custodian$8,648$8,747$8,9222% raise 
Yard Work$0$0$0Included in Green Bean agreement
E. I. Employer Expense$2,200$2,187$2,400
C. P. P. Employer Expense$3,500$3,623$3,800
Health/Dental Employer Expense$4,800$4,414$4,862pd to PCC for minister – vacancy premium to pay to Apr. 30/20
Treasurer Honorarium$1,200$1,200$600
Staff Medical Spending$1,000$1,509$1,500
Music Supply$300$350$400
Pulpit Supply$600$1,475$3,150raised to $175.00 + .45 km travel exp-per G.A. (18 mos)
Pension Employer Expense$15,068.00$15,068$8,220.35Congregational assessment from  PCC
Study Leave$1,562$289$600$600 added per PCC/yr plus balance carried forward
Police Check re Leading with Care
$34$170re: Nursery, Sunday School workers
Interim Moderator
$483$1,500as of Nov. 1, 2019 – for 6 months in 2020                       
Total Payroll Expense$130,713$130,683$124,963

Capital Expense

Church Transformation$10,000$0$0
HST pd for Transformation$1,300$0$0
Capital Expenses Total$11,300$0$0

Operating Expense

Bank Service Charges$100$0$0
10% of Offerings$7,500$4,223$5,400
Children’s Ministry$500$21$200
Youth Ministry$200$0$100
Copyright Music, Video & Print License$500$332$400
Insurance Building$7,456$7,513$7,983
Public hall licence $525$525$575
Maintenance Church$3,500$12,788$4,000boiler & plumbing emergencies, door repairs, grease pit GB
Elevator Licence$350$103$350Inspection required every 2 years
Fire Monitoring and Inspection$1,500$1,900$1,500
Maintenance Supplies$500$621$600
Hot Water Tank Rental$200$115$0rental agrmnt terminated-admin fee (new tank installed)
Church Events$1,000$418$600
Music/ Music Equipment$200$143$200
Piano Tuning$300$163$200
Office/Church/Worship Supplies$1,600$2,608$1,600laptop purchase, office & worship materials
Staff Training$1,500$0$1,500new line item added in 2019
Student Ministry$500$523$500University students
Presbyterian Sharing$1,000$1,000$1,000to PCC
Presbyterian Dues$3,574$3,574$2,324for Presbytery and Synod
Union Gas$6,000$3,538$5,000arr. with Green Bean whereby they repay us 75% utilities.
Accounting$1,050$924$1,200cost of accounting program increased, stamps
Media$600$0$600Church website, Propresenter
HST expense$3,000$5,317$5,000
Misc Expense$200$1,153$200McAllister farewell in 2019
Total Operating Expenses$62,105$61,297$57,957

TOTAL EXPENSE$204,118$191,981$182,920

NET INCOME-$72,718-$57,235-$65,560

inc. trustfund withdrawals
$1,782$1,733-$60Chequing act balance to cover deficit
Funds of Grace expenses
not added into formula

Balance Sheet

Chequing Account$32,296$88,619$137,905$54,556$49,913
UCC Trust Fund$289,363$325,460$370,927$355,115$348,122
St. Andrew’s Trust Fund
Total Assets$347,740$826,563$933,680$821,363$842,279


Annuity for previous St. A’s Staff$0$48,000$48,000$48,000$48,000
Total Liabilities:

Total Equity$347,740$778,563$885,680$773,363$794,279